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Ecocenter Campus

The Reno Ecocenter refers to the entire Waste Management campus on Commercial Row in Reno, Nevada. This site will offer Truckee Meadows residents and businesses with a safe and reliable recycling processing and trash transfer facility.

Multifaceted Approach

Ecocenter encompasses multiple phased-in improvements to accommodate ongoing operations. Since, Jan. 2013, Waste Management has been diligently working with the City of Reno, the Planning Commissions and city development departments to finalize design and secure permits for the Ecocenter project. As of May 2016, several milestones have been completed:

  • New Driver and Training Building construction
  • Building demolition and site preparation for a new Recycling & Visitors Center
  • Initial phase of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station
  • Facility improvements to service CNG trucks
  • New landscaping along Sutro Street, E. Commercial Row and the banks of the Truckee River
  • Installed a new scale at the Commercial Row Recycling Center
  • Ordered building materials for the Recycling & Visitors Center

The next phase of the Ecocenter project includes:

  • Provide new landscaping, site beautification and pedestrian amenities within the Ecocenter campus – in progress
  • Complete the new combined CNG/diesel fueling station – in progress
  • Improve employee parking by paving the dirt lot across the street from the transfer station – in progress
  • Construct the new Recycling & Visitors Center- pending permit
  • Improve traffic control on Commercial Row – pending permit
  • Improve traffic flow and queuing for public entrance to transfer station – pending permit
  • Provide new public convenience area with recycling bins for metals and other recyclable materials – pending permit

Economic Impact on the Community

  • Waste Management is investing approximately $25 million into the Ecocenter project.
  • This project has created local construction jobs.

Recycling & Visitors Center

  • The Recycling & Visitors Center, also known as the Materials Recovery Facility (MFR), will process recyclables with sorters and equipment. The following materials will be processed in this MRF: cardboard, aluminum cans, steel cans and tin cans.
  • Recyclable materials that are not processed in this center will be bailed and transported to Waste Management’s Sacramento Recycle Transfer Facility for further processing.
  • This building will include an educational room, which will allow the public to watch the sorting of recyclable materials and to learn more about the waste stream.
  • It is expected to be live in 2017, pending approval of our permits. As with any significant permitting and construction project, unforeseen delays can occur, but we remain optimistic that it will open on schedule.

Added Benefits

  • Once the entire project is complete, the Ecocenter will serve as the premier location for residents and businesses seeking to dispose of trash, recycling and household hazardous waste.
  • Waste Management is leading the way to a greener northern Nevada.